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2016-03-18 07:08 pm

Serpentine- A Mairon Fanmix

Fandom: Tolkien's Legendarium
Subject: Mairon (Sauron)
Title: Serpentine
Warnings/Notes: I really wanted to do a Mairon mix since I'm really obsessed with him at the moment. Only, I couldn't pick just one trope. So each song represents a different trope, but they all represent different aspects of Mairon. Also, FYI, my shipping preferences rather show here. I ship Mairon with both Melkor and Celebrimbor. There is a lot of metal in this mix because the genre suits Mairon, but there are some other things in here too.

front cover

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2012-10-30 07:41 pm

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Come Join the Battle for the Midlands. Team Seeker, Team Confessor, or Team Mord'Sith. Enter challenges. Get to know fellow LOTS fans. Have a whole lot of fun. Team Seeker is the best, of course. :)